ES_StableIF97 xlam AddIn

ES_StableIF97 xlam AddIn ̱ ũ Ʈ ( MS) 繫 Ʈ (Excel) ǥ(Steam Table) ִ xlam ߰ ƮԴϴ.  

(Excel) ǽ(Office) Ʈ ̱ ũ Ʈ (MicroSoft) ۱ ִ ƮԴϴ.

Ͼ ϴ  ϳ SUM, IF, LOOKUP Լ ֱ Դϴ.   ES_StableIF97 xlam AddIn ̵ Լ    ִ ǥ Լ մϴ.

ES_StableIF97 xlam AddIn ǥ Լ IAPWS-IF97 Ŀ ˴ϴ.  

IAPWS-IF97  "IAPWS Industrial Formulation 1997 for the Thermodynamic Properties of Water and Steam" ̸, IAPWS ġ ϴ 񿵸 , "The International Association for the Properties of Water and Steam" Դϴ.

ES_StableIF97 xlam Addin Ʈ ġϸ Ʒ ׸ ޴ ENGSOFT ǰ, ο ES_StableIF97 ׷ ˴ϴ.


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