Use in MS Office VBA and Visual Basic

The file of "ES_StableIF97AddIn.dll" which is installed automatically when ES_StableIF97 AddIn software, can be used in MS Office (Microsoft Office programs) VBA (Visual Basic Application) software as well as Visual Basic software.

How to use is as below.

MS Office VBA

1) Click the menu Tools > Reference for popping up Reference Window, then Browse ES_StableIF97AddIn.dll file.

2) Type "Dim ESStable As ES_StableIF97AddIn.StableAddIn" in (General) - (Declaration) window of VBA code window, by which StableAddIn program is declared.

3) Type the following code to use steam table functions in, for example, "Private Sub CommandButton1_Click( )" event code window.

"Set ESStable = New ES_StableIF97AddIn.StableAddIn"

"Range("A1").Value = ESStable.ESStb_HbyPT(100, 500, 0, 0, 0)"

The first line above make instance of a new StableAddIn program, and the second line shows the enthalpy value in kcal/kg unit for 100 kg/cm2 a pressure and 500 oC temperature in the "A1" cell of an MS Excel sheet.   For syntax of the StableAddIn functions, please refer to "Syntax of Steam Table Functions".


Visual Basic

Use in Visual Basic is same with in MS Office VBA.   Only difference is to click the menu Project > Reference for popping up Reference Window.


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