ES_StableIF97 AddIn

Steam Dump Tube Calculation Example

The picture below shows steam dump tube hole area calculation example using the nozzle functions of ES_StableIF97_AddIn Demo software.

The Unit Legend of the calculation is located in a separate sheet named "Nzl Unit", as shown in the picture below.   Since the unit arguments of the functions used in the calculation are connected to the Unit Legend, the units of the calculation can be changed arbitrarily by changing the unit integer numbers in the Unit Legend.   For example, since the mass flow unit number in the Unit Legend is 2 that stands for "kg/s", the unit of mass flows including nozzle flow rates in the picture above are all in "kg/s".

Since ES_StableIF97_AddIn software has choking nozzle functions as well as sub-critical nozzle functions, it can be used in the calculation of turbine bypass valve and drain orifice as well as steam dump tube.

In the picture above, the choking pressure of dump tube is higher than the back pressure of "1 bara", the flow is in choking state and the actual flow rate per unit nozzle throat area is same with choking flow rate.

And, the dump tube hold area is calculated as "0.07285 m2" by dividing the actual nozzle flow of "686.3423 kg/s/m2" by nozzle inlet steam flow of "50 kg/s".



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