ES_StableIF97 AddIn

Error Handling

No Response of ES_StableIF97 AddIn Menu

No response of the menu and toolbar buttons of ES_StableIF97 AddIn occurs sometimes, while the ES_StableIF97 AddIn functions works correctly in Excel cells.

This results from deletion of ES_StableIF97 COM AddIn by some reasons and recovered by the following steps.

1) Click Excel menu of "COM Add-In".   In the "COM Add-In" window, it is found that ES_StableIF97 AddIn is not there.

2) Click "Add" button and locate "ES_StableIF97AddIn.dll" file.   And then click "OK" button and close the window.

3) Exit Excel and restart Excel.   Then the menu and toolbar buttons work again.


ES_StableIF97 AddIn Operation Error

In case an error occurs during ES_StableIF97 AddIn manipulation in Excel, further operation of ES_StableIF97 AddIn in that Excel session may not be possible.   In this case, ES_StableIF97 AddIn can be put into operation again by exiting and then restarting Excel.   However, the Excel operation caused the error must not be performed again and the user has to find other ways to do the operation.

In this case, please inform the error case to ENGSoft Inc. by email or its web.


ES_StableIF97 AddIn Function Error

If there are errors in ES_StableIF97 AddIn functions, the following error strings are returned.


: Error of ES_StableIF97 AddIn caused by the following reasons :

  • Given property value arguments, except quality, are out of valid ranges.  For given quality, "#ES/XErr!" are returned as explained below.
  • Iteration number of calculation for function sub-routines is out of its maximum limit.
  • Undetermined condition in case that the given state is saturation with pressure and temperature as given properties, in which case many output property exists but undetermined.
  • The pressure(or temperature) given for saturation functions is out of saturation pressure(or temperature) range, such as the pressure given is higher than the critical pressure in the "ESStb_XbyPH" function.


: Error of ES_StableIF97 AddIn when given unit number out of valid range.   For example, the maximum pressure unit number is 19.   If pressure unit number given is 20, this error value is returned.


: Error of ES_StableIF97 AddIn when given quality argument is out of valid range.  Valid range of quality input argument is greater than (or equal to) zero and less than (or equal to) one.


: Error of ES_StableIF97 AddIn when nozzle critical pressure does not exist in the IAPWS-IF97 calculation range.


: Error of ES_StableIF97 AddIn when calculation is not performed because the nozzle inlet or flow path state is compressed water.


: Error of MS Exel caused by invalid given argument, such as letter instead of number in the argument cells.


: Error of MS Excel caused by ES_StableIF97 AddIn not installed or not registered.


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