ES_StableIF97 AddIn

Accessory Function Summary

ES_StableIF97 AddIn provides the following accessory functions for use in MS Excel in order to supplement the use of the steam table functions.


Input Arguments

Output Argument

Unit Conversion Functions



ESStb_CvtP (Press, SourcePUN, OutputPUN)

Pressure in Source PUN

Pressure in Output PUN

ESStb_CvtT (Temp, SourceTUN, OutputTUN)

Temperature in Source TUN

Temperature in Output PUN

ESStb_CvtV (SpVol, SourceVUN, OutputVUN)

Sp. Volume in Source VUN

Sp. Volume in Output VUN

ESStb_CvtH (Enthalpy, SourceHUN, OutputHUN)

Enthalpy in Source HUN

Enthalpy in Output HUN

ESStb_CvtS (Entropy, SourceSUN, OutputSUN)

Entropy in Source SUN

Entropy in Output SUN

ESStb_CvtVisco (DynVisco, SourceViscoUN, OutputViscoUN)

Dyn. Viscosity in Source ViscoUN

Dyn. Viscosity in Output ViscoUN

ESStb_CvtViscoX (KinVisco, SourceViscoXUN, OutputViscoXUN)

Kin. Viscosity in Source ViscoXUN

Kin. Viscosity in Output ViscoXUN

ESStb_CvtVel (Velocity, SourceVelUN, OutputVelUN)

Velocity in Source VelUN

Velocity in Output VelUN

ESStb_CvtThCond (ThCond, SourceThCondUN, OutputThCondUN)

Th. Conductivity in Source ThCondUN

Th. Conductivity in Output ThCondUN

ESStb_CvtMFlow (MFlow, SourceMFlowUN, OutputMFlowUN)

Mass Flow Rate in Source MFlowUN

Mass Flow Rate in Output MFlowUN

ESStb_CvtArea (Area, SourceAreaUN, OutputAreaUN)

Area in Source AreaUN

Area in Output AreaUN

Unit String Functions



ESStb_PUnitStr (PUN)


Pressure Unit String

ESStb_TUnitStr (TUN)


Temperature Unit String

ESStb_VUnitStr (VUN)


Sp. Volume Unit String

ESStb_HUnitStr (HUN)


Enthalpy Unit String

ESStb_SUnitStr (SUN)


Entropy Unit String

ESStb_ViscoUnitStr (ViscoUN)


Dyn. Viscosity Unit String

ESStb_ViscoXUnitStr (ViscoXUN)


Kin. Viscosity Unit String

ESStb_VelUnitStr (VelUN)


Velocity Unit String

ESStb_ThCondUnitStr (ThCondUN)


Th. Conductivity Unit String

ESStb_MFlowUnitStr (MFlowUN)


Mass Flow Rate Unit String

ESStb_AreaUnitStr (AreaUN)


Area Unit String




Abbreviation :

PUN : Pressure Unit Number

TUN : Temperature Unit Number

VUN : Specific Volume Unit Number

HUN : Enthalpy Unit Number

SUN : Entropy Unit Number

ViscoUN : Dynamic Viscosity Unit Number

ViscoXUN : Kinematic Viscosity Unit Number

VelUN : Velocity Unit Number

ThCondUN : Thermal Conductivity Unit Number

MFlowUN : Mass Flow Rate Unit Number

AreaUN : Area Unit Number


Refer to Unit Summary for Unit Number.

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