Purchase of ES_Rankine



: Software ES_Rankine Version 100 Perpetual License + One Year Maintenance Fee(10%)*


: 2,200 USD per License

 (Perpetual License 2,000 USD + One Year Maintenance 200 USD)

 except VAT


: Refer to EULA

Delivered Items

: Installation CD + Dongle Key + License File

* Maintenance fee includes free supply of upgrade version having same hundred version unit during maintenance period.   For example, if Version 100 is purchased, upgrade version up to 199 version shall be provided in free as long as maintenance contract is maintained.


Order Request


* Upon receipt of Order Request, payment and receipt information shall be provided individually.

* Discount of 10% each shall be applied if one company purchases more than one.  That is, 180% for two, 270% for three.


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